Attention to Detail – Fine Craftsmanship in SOLID LUMBER from the LAMBRECHT FAMILY – Since 1946!


Keep sharp cutting tools away from the CHAIR FABRIC when removing the plastic and cardboard that is protecting your new chairs (IE. RAZORS ETC ). Scissors are suggested to unwrap your new purchased chairs. Letter openers with concealed cutting edges can be


We deliver or send your chairs to you stacked 13-16 high. We suggest that you stack them no more than 8-10 high. Do not strain or hurt yourself stacking or un-stacking chairs. Always use qualified ladders or step stools. DO NOT drag, scoot or pull chairs when moving them. Use qualified dollies to move chairs. DO NOT throw chairs to move them. This is concerned to be vandalism.


Your chair fabric has been PRE PROTECTED. You may elect to protect the fabric again as time goes on. Most protectors wear out or wash off as time goes on. Be sure to vacuum or lightly wash with warm water & light detergent prior to spraying on a protection.

We use only the best OLEFINS & POLYOLEFINS within the fabric. To keep the fabric looking as new as possible make your participants take care of your new purchased product. Gum is never a friend of fabric. Neither are any sharp objects with a sharp cutting edge. Vacuum the chairs regularly.
Dust & dirt can build up and eventually stain your product.


You may use a CLEANERS NAPTHA to remove stains & smudges on the fabric. ENERGINE OR LIGHTER FLUID (non scented) in small amounts have been successful.
Do not use hot blow dryers or irons on your chair fabrics.

Warm water & mild detergents (woolite) have been successful in removing everyday build up. Use as little moisture, (water or fluids) to clean your chairs. Moisture will never be a friend to foam or fabric. Use as little as possible when cleaning your chairs.


If your chairs have been cut or damaged by stains that cannot be removed,
CONTACT US (800 334 7611)

We are able to replace your damaged chair parts by replacing the seat or back. We will
charge you for the product needed plus shipping & handling.
Remember a whole new chair isn’t that costly either.