Attention to Detail – Fine Craftsmanship in SOLID LUMBER from the LAMBRECHT FAMILY – Since 1946!

Thank you for your interest in Cardinal Church Furniture’s products. This web site will help guide you in choosing the products we’ll manufacture specifically for your needs.

We believe there are compelling reasons for considering Cardinal Church Furniture to manufacture and/or re manufacture your furniture.

It is our goal to Adorn Churches. To accomplish this, we produce a Comprehensive Church Seating Product Line to help you meet your seating objectives.

We recognize that the most powerful members of our Sales Force are Our Satisfied Customers. With this in mind – your satisfaction becomes our priority.

To insure that our customers are satisfied, we use the finest materials available, combined with quality craftsmanship in our modern factory to appoint furniture which is both beautiful and built to last.

We are LOCAL. If you need service, we are close by.

Our experience is; New Pews or a Renovation of existing pew project is exciting and breathes life into congregations – it attracts and retains new attendance.

We proudly state that we have been in business under the same family name, same family ownership, same company name and same location for over 60 years. Our long SUCCESS is attributed to the fact that our loyal customers recognize our dedication to quality because we maintain the highest manufacturing and material standards. In this “veneer – particle board world”, we continue producing an all SOLID WOOD PRODUCT (no veneers, no pressed woods, no M.D.F., no oriented strand board – no particleboards). We use the highest quality and density polyurethane foam. We then upholster your furniture with the strongest and most decorative fabrics, which have rubberized backs. Our hand rubbed wood finishes are the best in the market place. Our Sealers and Lacquers are state of the art, hard bar-top type Catalyzed Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

Whether choosing new pews, platform furniture, interlocking chairs, pads, kneelers, or expert refurbishing of your existing product, you can feel secure that we will follow through with every detail as we have for over 60 years, because our people at Cardinal Church Furniture; Sales Staff, Designers, Lumbermen, Sawyers, Millers, Manufacturers, Sanders, Upholsterers, Finishers and Installers – are committed to our vocation, we are meticulous and conscientious in our attention to detail.

You can be confident in our performance now and in the future because our next generation of company leadership and fine furniture craftsmen are in place. Your warranty will be secure and continue to remain in force for it’s’ duration because of the foresight to prepare our fourth generation of leaders, furniture builders and Chapel Crafters at CARDINAL CHURCH FURNITURE.

If you select us to do your work – we will make certain you are glad you did. We’ll be delighted to work with you on your project. If you have any questions, we invite your call.

When you are ready, we would be happy to make an appointment to meet with you and your committee at a time convenient to you to present our products and help you with your seating layout, product, design and color choices. 1 800 334 7611

Once again – thank you.

Sincerely – The Lambrecht Family of